Vintage Hermes

Appraisal (1x)

$ 395.00

Hermes Authentication

Appraisals help determine value today for tomorrow. Similarly significant is realising in advance what happens next when your priced possession gets damaged or stolen?

Protect your valuables by having your appraisal in place for when you need them.

Our team of experts first establish authenticity of the item you wish for us to review through a detailed examination of crucial variables unique to the manufacture of that particular handbag or watch. Then we will value your item based on make, model, condition, rarity, originality etc.

The process is easy. We will ask you to send us a selection of images of the valuable you wish to have appraised. Upon receipt and review, you will receive a documented multi page appraisal. This gives you all the clarity and sense of security you deserve.

Our service is simple and protects you against an unforseen situation where you need to prove value of your collectible prior to damage of theft for example. Better to be safe then sorry.


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