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Vintage Hermes 2000-2020, The Patrons Edition

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“The Patrons Edition”

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” Vintage Hermes, The Patrons Edition “

Since ‘Vintage Hermes 1837-2000’ was first published, we’ve had people ask us for a follow up book. The author, Arnoud Last, had just lifted the draft for the second book on Hermès from his drawer in early 2020 for a final review, when everything suddenly changed for everyone.

As a result of the many changes in the publishing arena over the past year, we had to postpone production of the long awaited sequel publication of Vintage Hermès. Now following months of conversations & negotiations with parties involved, we’ve decided to bring this new publishing project to life.

After carefully reviewing and weighing our options, we have chosen to bring this publication to life through crowd funding. Crowd-funding this new edition enables us to take design, publishing & production into our own hands, expedite production, and reciprocate the support of our patrons with a special offer.We ask for your patronage in helping this creative process come to fruition, and in appreciation of your support, you will receive a unique numbered copy of the new book, Vintage Hermes 2000-2020 at a special patron’s price. Your copy will also be personalized by Arnoud, making it a bespoke book.

This offer of “The Patron’s Edition” is limited to only 111 pieces worldwide. As soon as the 111 copies are sold, production will commence, and we will begin shipping out the books to our respective supporters.

By using coupon code “PATRON”, the first 111 buyers will pay only $408 for this personalized & numbered “Patrons Edition” instead of the normal retail price of $558.

Aside from being among the first 111 to savor this beautiful new publication for $150 under the retail price, your special numbered copy of Vintage Hermès 2000-2020 will come with an added personal inscription just for you as a bonus for your support.

This second luxury reference coffee table book on Hermès will address the limited editions & special orders of the Birkin, Kelly and Constance introduced by Hermès between 2000 and 2020. You will have a chronological line up of all Birkin, Kelly & Constance line extensions Hermes brought to their boutiques, including models only made exclusively, or made available to Hermes VIP clientele in super small series. This luxurious edition will be another piece of art by in which, Arnoud once more benevolently shares his knowledge of the Hermès brand with you.

Each book will be nobly handcrafted with special embossing techniques, and a splash of bold color on a vintage matte finished hardcover, with full color pages printed on premium satin paper. Even larger than the first, it will feature a rich assemblage of vibrant images spanning more than 350 thick, high gloss pages. At the same time, it will be brimming with the most comprehensive knowledge ever assembled on the evolution of the Birkin, the Constance and the Kelly in the 2000 to 2020 time period. This exquisitely crafted coffee table book will vividly illustrate how these models have evolved over time, and which new models were introduced with all their appropriate names.

Vintage Hermès 2000-2020 will also be a perfect gift for everyone who loves luxury as any Hermès, fashion, design and/or art enthusiast will love to own this book. It will add the perfect pop to any space in your home or office, and be a striking complement to Vintage Hermès 1837-2000.

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