Vintage Hermes

Hermes Authentication (1x)

$ 195.00

Hermes Authentication

In today’s world of counterfeit branded products and sellers knowingly or unknowingly misrepresenting authenticity, you as a buyer will reap tremendous rewards from doing your due diligence. Our Hermes authentication service provides you with proof that the item you are considering to buy or have already purchased is indeed the real deal.

Our team of Hermes authentication experts is headed up by long time Hermès curator, coveted resource for collectors around the world, and author of the first and only luxury reference coffee table book on Hermès, Mr. Arnoud Last.

The team of experts establishes authenticity of the item you wish for us to review through a detailed examination of crucial variables unique to the manufacture of Hermès handbags. The process is easy. Simply send us a selection of images of the bag you own or are considering to purchase. Upon receipt and review, you will receive a documented professional proof of compliance. This gives you all the clarity and sense of security you deserve.

The majority of counterfeit merchandise is offered on social media by a growing number of resellers in the secondary market. As a private individual considering a purchase in the secondary market from a new or unfamiliar seller especially, using our service to ensure you’re buying an authentic bag just makes more sense.

Our service is a very economic way to provide proof of authenticity for any item you wish to sell as a reseller and trade professional. It’s also a bonus asset you can include with your sale. This will help build your rapport as a trusted source for repeat clientele. Our service can also be used in resolving disputes with sellers and/or buyers.

A 195$ fee can make all the difference when purchasing a 10,000$ to 100,000$ Hermès bag.


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