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The Patrons Edition

After the success of Vintage Hermes 1837-2000, we’re introducing the sequel addressing years 2000 to 2020

The Patrons Edition is an exclusive introduction offer
to the first 111 buyers only.

Order your copy now & be amongst the first to receive and read the new book.

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the professional EDITION

We’ve been asked for a more economical version of
Vintage Hermès 1837-2000.

The Professional Edition is printed on the same quality paper & hardcover but without hand applied embossing, spotprinting & gilded edges permitting a lower price point.

Get ready for the next books that will be released
by end of 2021/early 2022.

Special Requests

Our businesss has grown by catering to special requests, and it’s what we love doing most through a network of experts & craftsmen. If you want to surprise someone with something special , let us know.
We’d love to help.