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Established in 1965

Arnoud was born in The Netherlands where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management, with a major in Economics and Marketing from one of the world’s most renowned universities. His passion for the aesthetics and craftsmanship found within select luxury goods began at a young age, hence it’s no surprise he brokered high-end watches in order to help pay for his tuition.

Throughout his career in various industries, Arnoud has continually pursued his passion for rare time pieces and collectible watches in particular, and surrounded himself with watchmaking experts and craftsmen from around the world.

With his vast experience of brokering exclusive goods very much alive, Arnoud rekindled his passion for the secondary luxury market in 2006, and invested in a company that provided personalized service for collectors and consumers wishing to sell and trade their collectible effects.

Known to be an instinctive detective and animated researcher,  Arnoud began an in depth multi-year study of thousands of handbags that physically and virtually passed through his team’s hands when Hermès emerged as a major portion of that business. In 2015, this research was converted into a coffee table reference book, Vintage Hermès 1837-2000, a book dedicated to the evolution of the three most coveted Hermès models, the Birkin, Constance and Kelly.

This book has meantime found its way to collectors, art & fashion enthusiasts and auction houses around the globe. Today Arnoud is one of the foremost authorities on pre-loved & vintage Hermès handbags providing authentication & valuation services to insurance companies, auction houses and collectors.

Reflecting Arnoud’s personal style and appreciation for craftsmanship most precisely is the recently added “Rare Finds” category. Akin to the unique decorative pieces, bespoke items and rare accessories that complement Arnoud’s dapper dress style and that adorn his home, “Rare Finds” extends beyond collectible handbags and collectible watches.

Looking for a rare decorative thingamajig to spruce up your sitting room or office, or a pair of vintage Ray Ban, Cartier or Jean Paul Gaulthier sunglasses for instance? The service we’ve extended to select private individuals is now also available online.

Arnoud was joined by his wife Charly in 2015, and together with an amazing group of very talented passionate people, we love being at your service. Give us a call. 


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