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In the spotlight: the Hermes Jige

This month in the spotlight: the Hermes Jige

The Hermes Jige is one of Hermès’ more classic of clutches, the H that hides the flap is iconic for the Jige. In recent years, Hermès had some minor cosmetic surgery done to the Jige. The end result was the Jige Elan. But more on the Jige Elan in a later post

hermes jige

All of us Hermes aficionados know of the Hermès Birkin & Kelly. In this monthly blog we celebrate less known Hermès handbag designs that have been created by generations of craftsman at Paris’ 24 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Some models are still in production today, but others are relics of Hermes history. Since many Hermes bags have not yet gotten the recognition they deserve, we felt a podium was long overdue.

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