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Hermes trends : personalised bags

In our Hermes trends post this month, we focus on bespoke and personalised Hermes bags. In our quest to reflect our unique identity and stand out from the crowd through fashion, our fashion accessories lend themselves perfectly to do just that.

We have been asked about professional addresses where you can have your Birkin or Kelly bag personalised. The personalisation ranges from having an artist change your bag into a work of art (and there are many different styles out there),  having the hardware customised, or adding charms and bangles to your bag.

In this post you see a Hermes Birkin 35 that was tastefully personalised, truly a one of a kind conversation piece.
hermes trends

Please connect with us if you would like to have your Hermes bag personalised. We can connect you with artists that have experience adding art to your Hermes leather bag.

In Hermes trends we want to inform you of trends that have to do with Hermes bags and/or accessories. Every month we will post a topic around a Hermes trend that we picked up. 

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