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Hermes trends : Hommes d’Hermes

In the Hermes trends post this month, we wish to focus on hommes (men) wearing Hermes. More particularly, men taking Hermes models to the streets that were formerly more associated with women. Something that last year was condidered a fab, has developped in a true trend. Hermes Kelly and Birkin bags in 35 and 40 cm seem to have become the go to bag with an growing number of very stylishly dressed men around the globe.

In this post you’ll see a fabulous Kelly Depeche. Just a stunning bag for men !


In Hermes trends we want to continue paying tribute to men and their Hermes bags and accessories. Every month we will post a random image of an inspiring male person outfitted with Hermes. If you have images featuring (un) known men in their Hermes outfit that you would like us to post, connect with us here

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