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celebrities love hermes Daphne Guinness

Celebrities love Hermes : Daphne Guinness

Celebrities love Hermes. You may have already seen them on Hollywood’s red carpets: Jennifer Lopez, Demi Moore and Lady Gaga are only a few of the names that just love Hermes. Here we show you celebrities when they are not on the red carpet, but are still taking out their Hermes.

celebrities love hermes Daphne Guinness

On our “Celebrities love Hermes” camera this month : Daphne Guinness

Daphne Guinness is another Hermes aficionado but has been under the radar to many ! Ms Guinness is heir to the inventor of the infamous dark beer that still bears his name. Daphne Guinness has been referred to as an icon in the world of fashion. Daphne Guinness seeks to inspire young women through her intensely cultivated style and elegance.

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