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hermes omnibus

In the spotlight : Hermes Omnibus

This month in the spotlight: the Hermes Omnibus

The Hermes Omnibus is another one of Hermès’ classics. The Hermes Omnibus comes in a PM and GM version.  This is a gorgeous Hermes Omnibus in vibrant iconic Hermes orange Epsom, love it !

hermes omnibus


All of us Hermes aficionados know of the Hermès Birkin & Kelly. In this monthly blog we celebrate less known, more under the radar, Hermès handbag designs that have been created by generations of craftsman at Paris’ 24 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Some models are still in production today, but others have become relics of Hermes history. Since many Hermes bags have not yet gotten the recognition they deserve, we felt a podium was long overdue.

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